Crossbody bags never go out of style, season in and season out. These freshest street style bags with a formal spin are among the hottest bag trends worn by men. Napoleone and Palamita bags are created by iconic Cocconero brand. They come in neutral colors and simple, sophisticated shapes. With these great accessories, you can afford to splurge because you will be able to carry it year after year.

So, which collection is your favorite? Certainly, it depends on your own personal preferences, but here are two outstanding designs that anyone would love.

Crossbody Bags from Cocconero

Cocconero Bags Designed by Claudio Frasca

If you are looking for a bag that is a little out of the norm, consider the very practical of Cocconero bags. Napoleone and Palamita’s collection blend modern design and urban streetwear into a sleek line of bags for men. Through the inspirations of architecture and modern design, they have created a very unique line of bags that is very different from the mainstream.

Each bag is designed for daily urban wear while offering clean design, simple form, and sculptural detailing. All bags are handmade in Switzerland.

Designer “It” Bags

Every bag designer is looking for a bag that will catapult their line (and career) into iconic status. And every fashionista covets the “It” bags as they hit the shelves. Today, let’s look at one of the top crossbody bags designers and the bags that put them on the map.

If you are a bag lover, checking out Cocconero bags is a smart way to not always guarantee you will look stylish, but that you will have the perfect bag for that perfect look.

This season, trendy bags come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. If you are looking to add a new bag to your collection, check out these hot picks from

The Napoleone Collection

This crossbody bag from is a brilliant bag for men with a detachable shoulder strap. It’s made of the finest Italian cowhide leather with stable stitching so you can take it everywhere from the office to a concert in the park and not have to worry about losing time hunting for your items. The Napoleone Collection is available in smooth leather, black or maroon brown, and it features two compartments with a zipper and one with button closure. It also has two interior compartments to keep everything neat.

Napoleone Collection

This Napoleone bag is roomy, without being overbearing, has a compartment for your smartphone, wallet, glasses, keys, and one or two additional items. You can wear it over or underneath your clothes. Its two outer zip pockets make it a perfect carry-on bag, too. Plus, the perfect luxury aesthetic is seasonless.

This Napoleone collection is casual without being cutesy. The outstanding design and neutral colors will blend with nearly all your summer clothes. The bag is deep enough that it can hold your essentials and then some. 

The Palamita Collection

This Cocconero crossbody bag meets all of Claudio’s suggestions for a smart summer bag: it has a convertible shoulder strap, isn’t so big you could fit a smartphone, tablet, earphones, wallet, glasses, keys in it, and is in a dreamy smooth leather, black or maroon brown. It’s versatile enough to match your suit for the office, and your street style wears on Saturday night.

This Cocconero Palamita bag is perfect for work too. The crossbody bag is roomie enough for your iPad or other tablets, wallet, smartphone, and everything else you might need to make it through the day. The 100 percent finest cowhide leather bag in Marrone, Nero, and Croco is every man’s favorite.

Palamita Collection from Cocconero

They use top-quality cowhide leather from Italy to create very elegant, sophisticated styles. If you want to add a smooth leather bag to your collection, the Cocconero is a great choice. This cross bag brand is so adorable; you’ll never want to leave home without it.

Don’t saddle yourself down with a heavy leather bag: These proud Swiss traditions of excellent craftsmanship bags with exquisite leather are the ideal weight for summer. Hold the bags by the top straps or try the crossbody strap—it’s removable, too. The crossbody bag features two compartments with a zipper and one with a button closure.

They are lightweight, simple, and elegant, with a hint of classic geometry and a playful, glamorous, modern edge.

Interview with Claudio Frasca:

Claudio Frasca, owner and creative director of the Cocconero brand, was kind enough to talk to us about what to look for in a bag this summer.

“For summer, you don’t want a bag that is too oversized or has heavy hardware. The best bags are multi-functional with handles and a strap that crosses your body. And you want lots of pockets, so you don’t lose time hunting for your keys, cell phone, wallet, or glasses,” says Claudio.

Interview with Claudio Frasca:

They say that necessity is often the mother of invention. This was definitely the case with Claudio Frasca, who designed a collection of crossbody bags.

What styles of bags should every man own?

I think that every man should have an “everyday” bag that not only makes them feel smart because their bag is functional but that when you spy yourself in a reflective storefront, you should love the way you look! Additionally, every man should have great travel bags that are not only lightweight and fit everything, but that do it stylishly. A great Cocconero bag makes your life easier; they are great bags for traveling and are worn across your body, back, or around your waist for easy access.

What trends in bags seem to be rising in popularity?

The bag trend that seems to be on the rise is the need for our everyday bag to accommodate all of our needs. With our cell phones and tablets becoming more and more invaluable to us, bags need to offer easy access and protection for these extensions of ourselves. All of our bags feature numerous pockets to accommodate our additional items.

One of our most popular bags is “Palamita.” It’s a small little everyday bag that can be worn around the hips, across the back, or over the shoulder. This bag is an ideal “gadget” bag as it features numerous pockets and compartments within easy reach.

What statement bag do you think every man should own?

We think that every man needs a big, bold bag for everyday wear. Something fun and striking can enhance any look, whether it be casual or evening. We designed our “Napoleone” to be just that bag. It offers a simple design, enhanced function, is very practical, and is made from genuine leather. This bag adds a fun, sleek, sophisticated look to any outfit!

Can you tell us a little bit about how you got started?

I spent a lot of time thinking about what was important to me and realized that I needed and wanted the pure creativity and flexibility in my life that the corporate world would never provide. When you work for other people, you spend your day fulfilling their goals.

I had my own. It is important for me to look forward to getting out of bed in the morning and embrace the day rather than just getting through it.

With the launch of Cocconero, I decided it was time to take the plunge and create something wholly my own. Creativity and life are about taking chances. “Cocconero is the story…” is more than a tag line for my company; it’s a way of life.”

What’s your inspiration behind the designs?

I can tell just by looking at and touching the finished fabric if it needs to be a casual bag or something more formal. At that point, it’s about size, shape, and proportion, and whatever moves me that day.’ As you can see, this is not a stuffy, formal company. It’s about ideas and taking chances.”

If a man can only afford one new bag this season, what style should it be?

“This is an interesting question because I don’t believe there is one right answer. The most important thing a man can do for himself is to trust his own instincts and taste. Never ever follow a trend just because you saw a picture of a celebrity wearing it unless the style works for you. Think about your wardrobe, the necessities you carry every day, and your own body proportion. Nobody is going to be impressed that you’re wearing a celebrity’s bag. And if they are, they’re probably not worth impressing.

Who Carries a Cocconero Bag?

“The man who carries one of my designs is someone who follows the trends and appreciates the fast pace of the fashion world, but interprets and redefines each piece to create a statement all his own. He is not concerned with designer logos and heavy hardware, overdone details, or following the leader. My customer is a design-conscious free-thinker; he loves down-to-earth luxury that is practical enough for every day.”

Visit their website to learn more about the Napoleone and Palamita lines and shop for these wonderful bags.

How to Wear a Crossbody Bag

A popular accessory at music festivals, for sightseeing, travel, and for times when you need your hands free, crossbody bags feature a strap long enough to hang on your shoulder and across your body. Crossbody bags also offer maximum security compared to most purses, as it can be difficult to swipe when the strap is across your body. The hands-free style of this type of purse makes it a great “grab and go” accessory while freeing you up to not worry about the strain of carrying a bag on your shoulder. Find out how many ways you can use your crossbody bag. 

How to Wear a Crossbody Bag

How to wear a crossbody bag

For a night out

Nobody wants to be the person who is stuck watching the bags at a nightclub or bar while everyone is out on the dance floor or mingling. Nobody wants to carry a clutch or be stuck with a big bag, either. This makes a small, crossbody bag the perfect handbag to carry on a night out. 


Sightseeing requires a lot of walking. Worrying about your handbag is the last thing you want to do.

Plus, depending on where you are sightseeing, security is important. Try a crossbody bag the next time you are out taking in the sights. 

With the kids

You have kids; you need to keep your hands free. After all, kids can be quick on their feet. A crossbody bag will do that while also not burdening you with a heavy shoulder bag.

As a trend

You don’t need a reason or the perfect situation to carry a crossbody bag; it’s one of the most popular handbag trends of the year.

Crossbody bags come in all shapes and sizes, from larger messenger sizes to small, dainty styles that will carry just a few essentials. Whatever you choose, you’ll definitely get a lot of use from it.

Check out our favorite crossbody bags from that are perfect for any occasion.

Creative Hands-Free Accessories

Being able to go hands-free is a luxury few men feel they have. Where do you put your phone, your wallet, your I.D.? Sure, you can throw it in your purse or sock (if you’re actually wearing socks) and, if you’re lucky, maybe a pocket. But what man wants to junk up his pockets with extra bulk? 

Here are some cool accessories solutions to help you go hands-free in style.

Top Picks in Cool Bags for Men

The wise man now knows what women have known all along – carrying your stuff is good. From cell phones and tablets to keys and wallets, let’s face it, there’s a lot to haul around – and your pockets are only so big. Perhaps that’s why men’s bags are finally gaining popularity, and now more than ever, there are so many stylish men’s bags to choose from. 

Here are a few top picks to give you some ideas.

There are three versions of Cocconero cross bags, with each giving a different flavor. The Napoleone Marrone could pass for casual business while the Napoleone Croco is very street. The Napoleone Nero will get you through most other occasions. Unfortunately, you diversified guys will now have to buy all three, but that’s the price you pay for being so wonderfully unique.

Choose a bag that works with all of your plans

Ideally, you want the bag you use as your carry-on bag to also be the bag that can be what you take to the beach, sightseeing, and more. Be sure to choose one that is large enough and friendly for all of the activities that you have planned.

A crossbody bag or shoulder bag is, first and foremost, a fashion statement. However, with the abundance of these bags, it is difficult for individuals to find a particular bag that appeals to them. When it comes to searching for a bag, it is essential to have a strong understanding of what different factors you should evaluate in order to obtain a bag that will suit your individual needs.

Style is everything when you are trying to make a fashion statement. Besides, no one wants to obtain a handbag that they will be embarrassed wearing when seen with it. If a bag does not appeal to you, regardless of how low the price may be, chances are you will not be getting it.

Choose a bag that works with all of your plans
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Bags are all about Style and Practicality

People desire to always look their best, regardless of what they are doing. It is human nature to want to be the center of attention regardless of where you are or what you are doing. A crossbody bag from Cocconero will help you make the positive fashion statement that you are striving to achieve.

There are a lot of people that often times rule out a shoulder bag or other accessory bag as being a part of their wardrobe. But, these bags are actually an extremely important part of your wardrobe. They are actually just as important as the shoes that you choose to wear on your feet.

When it comes to shopping for one of these bags, comparison shopping is definitely the way to go. Through this type of shopping, you can assure that you are obtaining the best bag that you can get your hands on at the best prices available.

Urban accessories or crafted artworks? Unique and playful, Cocconero’s bags can only be classified as wearable art where imagination extends beyond form and function.

You’re looking for a new tablet bag. But it also needs to be a travel bag, a beach bag, a gym bag, a bag that contains your life on the move. So what’s this bag like? Custom designed?

Swiss made by craftspeople whose skills are highly valued and well paid? Extra durable and made of finest Italian cowhide leather? A work of art?

Cocconero bags meet all of these suggestions and all your needs for a bag. These bags are the embodiment of Claudio Frasca’s dream to create bags that allow you to carry your story and express your individuality. Every piece is a work of art; each one created out of the finest genuine leather and handmade in Switzerland.

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