Designers Bags For Spring And The Colorful Jewelry To Compliment Them

We are still celebrating the fact that spring officially began just one day ago! We have talked quite a bit about spring clothing trends, so we thought that it would be fun to switch it up and focus on new brightly colored designer bags that are perfect for spring. Along with hand picking a number of bags that we felt were spring ready, we have selected jewelry items tailored to each purse. Big-name designers set the standard for spring trends, but that does not mean that you cannot find similar items that are just as cute for less. Hopefully, our selections provide guidance whenever you decide to update your wardrobe for spring!

Orange: Orange is such a bright and sunny color. The color, which is available in many different hues, brings a certain characteristic to clothing that not many colors can. Similar to yellow, brightly colored shades of orange can help improve attitude and even make you feel all warm inside. At least that’s how it makes us feel!

Designers Bags
Brightly Colored Designers Bags For Spring And The Colorful Jewelry To Compliment Them

The Holly Triple Gusset Tote from Tory Burch would look great with rose gold. I always find wearing rose gold to be a little difficult. I always wonder what color it looks best with, and now I know. Any rustic orange colored bag is a great compliment to rose gold. The Tres Luxe Three-Row Eternity Band is a nice option. Both the purse and ring would go well with anything white.

Turquoise: This cool color is just what you’ll need to cool you down going into the warmer spring and summer months. Turquoise is a versatile color option that looks good with a wide variety of colors.

Turquoise Jet Set

This one was tough. This turquoise Jet Set Medium Multi-Function Tote by Michael Kors would look great when paired with a lot of different jewelry items. We chose to pair it with the Material Fix Angular Long Pendant Necklace. The distinct shape of this necklace pops out right alongside this beautiful bag, not to mention how great gold looks with turquoise!

Neon Yellow: How fun is this color? It is hard to be in a bad mood when you are adorned in yellow, especially when it’s neon yellow. Neon colors are so fun and great for spring.

Neon Yellow Leather Bag

The Saint Laurent Classic Baby Sac De Jour Bag in Neon Yellow Leather is an illuminating shade of neon yellow much like the David Aubrey Belinda Crystal Pendant Necklace that we chose to accompany it. Throw these two items on with an all-black ensemble, and you’ll still be the brightest girl in the room!

Multicolored: If you’re a fan of a lot of colors, then springtime is your season to indulge. If you are in love with all of these bright pops of color and just can’t decide, consider a multicolored bag. Multicolored bags give you more options with both clothing and jewelry.

Channel Large Multicolored Zipped Shopping Bag

This newly release Large Multicolored Zipped Shopping Bag from Chanel is to die for! We are huge fans of the entire Chanel collection, and this bag is classic with a twist. Add the Charles Albert Multi-Color Resin Rose Necklace for some extra flair. This necklace combines floral detailing and pops of color.

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