12 Spring Scarves That You Will Never Want to Take Off

We usually associate scarves with the winter, but there are scarves for every season. For spring, you can trade your thick knitted scarf for something lighter. A lightweight scarf in a fun print or bold color can add a bit more interest to your outfit. Plus, a scarf is the perfect finishing touch for your festival outfit. There are a variety to choose from including trendy skinny scarves, neckerchiefs, and bandanas. Wearing a scarf around your neck is the most common way to style one, but you can also try one in your hair or on your bag.

Take a look at 12 scarves that will dress up your spring wardrobe:

1. Pastel Tile Polysatin Bandana ($14, ASOS)

Pastel Tile Polysatin Bandana

Here’s something you can wear with your favorite striped top. This soft printed scarf is an easy way to add pastels into your wardrobe without it looking too saccharine. It would look as good on your bag as it would around your neck.

2. Floral Print Patchwork Scarf ($25.90, Zara)

Floral Print Patchwork Scarf

Having trouble deciding on just one printed scarf? You don’t have to choose with this scarf. The patchwork style mixes a variety of different bold floral prints. In theory, you would think they wouldn’t work together, but wrapped your neck, they do.

3. Thin Scarf ($19.99, Mango)

What are those thin scarves called?

This pale pink paisley scarf will be a welcome addition to any look. Tie it in a loose knot like shown here, or throw your hair back into an updo then tie the scarf into a bow.

4. Glitch Art Printed Scarf ($25, Nasty Gal)

Glitch Art Printed Scarf

As you can see, this printed scarf is the perfect accessory for your bathing suit. The skinny style isn’t too bulky to tie around your head. Note that it also looks good draped around your neck.

5. American Flag Tasseled Scarf ($12.90, Forever 21)

American Flag Tasseled Scarf

Show some patriotic pride with this tasseled scarf. It features the good ol’ stars and stripes. Buy it now and you’ll be waaaaay ahead of the game when it comes up to Fourth of July celebrations.

6. A Tinge of Fringe Scarf ($39.99, ModCloth)

A Tinge of Fringe Scarf

Fringe is still a major trend. Plus, it is a must for the festival season. This super-soft scarf features an extra-long fringe. Just try to resist the urge to play with it constantly.

7. Patterned Scarf With Tassels ($29.99, H&M)

Patterned Scarf With Tassels

If you have enough fringed scarves, then you need to get one with tassels. This printed gray scarf becomes even more striking thanks to the addition of some contrasting bright blue tassels.

8. ’60s Floral Neckerchief ($15, Topshop)

'60s Floral Neckerchief

Your scarf collection isn’t complete without at least one neckerchief. This floral printed scarf has the right retro vibe. Wear it with a blouse or with a shift dress for a mod look.

9. Cotton Patterned Square Neck Scarf ($12, Urban Outfitters)

Cotton Patterned Square Neck Scarf

This scarf may be small, but it still packs a punch. It is crafted out of crisp cotton and features a mixed black and blueprint. When you feel that your outfit is missing a little something, throw it on.

10. Flamingo Infinity Scarf ($55, Athropologie)

Flamingo Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarves still work in the spring too. You wouldn’t be wearing a flamingo print in the dead of winter now, would you? The lightweight viscose material is also perfect for warmer weather.

11. Feather Foil Scarf ($29, Accessorize)

Feather Foil Scarf

This scarf features an eye-catching foil feather print. You can dress it down for a day with a white tank top, or you can wear it out at night with a leather jacket and midi skirt.

12. Ally Secret Trellis Long Silk Scarf ($112, Ted Baker)

Ally Secret Trellis Long Silk Scarf

This splurge-worthy scarf is made out of 100% silk. The reversible style features a trellis print that looks as stunning as an actual garden.

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