ccessory Trends You Need for Your Online Store

The fashion scene is heating up. Influencers and social media users have to keep their style up to date, and they are looking to snap up the most popular accessories to feature in their photo shoots and videos. If your online store doesn’t have a category for accessories, you are missing out on a big potential revenue stream. Here are the six hottest accessory trends that you need to include in your sales plan.

1. Chunky Footwear 

The days of strappy sandals and stilettos are behind you. Models are clomping down runways across the world wearing chunky, statement footwear. Platform mary janes are having a moment, and so are thigh-high platform boots. There’s even an element of practicality taking over footwear these days, with luxury hiking boots and skater shoes making an appearance in designer lines. Don’t forget to invest in a powerful shipping API to streamline your internal operations so that you can pack and send these bulky items with the confidence that your customers will get their orders on time.

2. Chokers, Chains, Scarves, and Neckties

Fashion has a way of cycling back to nostalgic times for inspiration. Right now, the 2000s are hot, and so is anything that is a throwback to that time. Your customers will definitely be looking for all types of chokers, neck scarves, and chains to add to their wardrobes. Neckties are also in, giving that prep school look that people are dying over. Leather, gold, and classic patterns are the go-to style options, but you can be playful and even include pearl and spikes in your list of acquisitions.

3. Y2K-Inspired Belts

You can’t escape the Y2K era when it comes to popular accessories. Believe it or not, wide belts and double belts are all the rage on runways right now. Big designer houses are completing their looks with this staple accessory, and the rest of the fashion-hungry world will soon follow. Stock up on classic neutrals in this style so that your customers can rock their belts with a variety of bold colors and patterns. If you get questions on how to wear wide belts, a straightforward choice is to pair them with long trench coats, oversize cardigans, and body con attire.

4. Green and Purple for Bags and Sunglasses 

Two colors making a splash right now are green and purple. From handbags to boots and sunglasses, these two color shades are taking up time in the spotlight. When you’re looking for new items to add to your listings, don’t be afraid to choose the brightest options in these colors. Monochrome outfits will never go out of style, and colorful accessories are the perfect addition to any black or white look.

5. Caps and Berets with a Twist 

The style of headwear fluctuates wildly from one year to the next, but you can be sure that your customers will always need hats and caps as accessories. Right now, you can get creative with the headwear you feature in your online store because the trend is to wear caps and berets with a little something extra. From mesh and wire veils attached to berets to oversize hats and designer caps, your customers will thank you for carrying the hottest options for headgear.

6. Shine and Fluff

Neutral accessories used to be the go-to for fashionistas everywhere, but that’s changing. Designers are embracing gold and silver lux for shoes and handbags as well as fluffy and furry hats, gloves, and bags. You can capitalize on this trend by including some unique options in the hats, bags, and gloves sections of your online store. A brightly colored fur trim on a boot and a shiny gold high heel will set you apart from the competition.

Fashion isn’t just about utility; it’s also about joy. You can help your customers learn to express themselves and find their happiness by offering all of the latest fashion trends.

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