Accessories To Elevate A Man's Outfit

Wanting to elevate your style to give off a sophisticated and successful look? Here are some ideal fashion accessories that are sure to elevate your look.


As it is a signal to an appreciation of good craftsmanship, smart watches give the appearance of sophistication and a good sense of style in a man. While they can also be good for casual wear and possess a genuine functional ability, a dress watch is ideal for any formal occasion and is the perfect accessory for the modern-day businessman.

Vintage-looking watches, specifically 60’s style of vintage watches, such as the Omega Constellation vintage watch, are such a timeless classic that is the perfect accessory to any man’s wardrobe.

In some cases, a watch can even be the first thing someone notices about you, so in this sense, you need to dress to impress! It is best to go for minimalism over flashy when it comes to watches as you want to maximize the wear-ability of your watch so it can be used to dress up or dress down your outfit. If you can’t afford a selection of watches it is a good idea to get multiple watch straps so that you can customize the look of your watch to your outfits.

A dress watch can be worn with anything from a tux or a suit to something more casual such as a blazer or an Oxford shirt. Statement watches aren’t ideal to wear day to day and aren’t everyday work attire. However they are ideal for people who like to make bold fashion statements and break the unspoken rules of fashion, however, it is best to pair these with a muted outfit.


Choosing the right belt enhances your look can be a sure-fire way to give a more sophisticated aesthetic. A leather belt is an ideal way to elevate your overall look. A black belt is typically a safe bet for any look. The simplicity of a luxury belt design makes this clothing accessory a refined and yet practical addition to your outfit.


Anything from Chelsea boots to boat shoes to brogues can completely transform your look. With footwear it is crucial you look for items that are made from premium materials as a poorly made shoe can really downgrade your style. Just as you wouldn’t leave the house with an un-ironed shirt when you’re trying to look stylish, you shouldn’t leave the house with poor quality or scuffed up shoes.


Glasses, whether they be prescription or for style, are something that are worth investing in. Having a nice pair of sunglasses, like Vuarnet sunglasses, on sunny days is not only practical but it can either be a subtle enhancement to your outfit or be total statement pieces.


While perfume doesn’t give a visual elevation to an outfit, the aroma gives a sophisticated essence to how you carry yourself. Perfume is the perfect accessory to improve your overall appearance. Some of the most masculine and sophisticated notes that you should look out for in perfumes are; leather, sandalwood, vanilla, tobacco, amber, spice, patchouli, musk, and vetiver. Some perfumes to go by are Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford, Homme Sport by Dior, The uncompromising sohan by Penhaligons and L’Homme by Prada.

Winter Accessories

Being able to stay warm and stylish can be difficult. A quick tip would be to stick to neutral colors like blacks, browns, greys, and beiges. Leather gloves are excellent fashion accessories to add real style as well as keep your hands warm. Equally the type of hat you wear can make or break your outfit. A bucket hat isn’t necessarily going to give you much protection from the cold or give off the appearance of sophistication, whereas a felt hat or a fedora would work better. Lastly, a good quality scarf is the perfect accessory to keep you warm and looking good.


Subtle jewelry can really enhance your look. Sticking to small silver or gold chains (depending on what best matches your skin tone) can add a slight edginess to your look, without overdoing it. Rings are an excellent accessory that give an added level of style to not only your outfits but your appearance and are easy to wear in a professional setting. Beaded bracelets, plaited bracelets and metal bracelets all help to dress up or dress down an outfit. Sticking to neutral colors when choosing a fabric material bracelet.

To Conclude:

To conclude there are various different accessories which can be used to dress up a dull outfit. Whether it be a visual element such as a designer watch or belt, or even something which is not visible such as perfume, these are all aspects of an outfit which can help you appear more sophisticated while also sharing some of your personality.

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