There is a huge difference between fashion and style. Fashion is what is being sold in the stores – which style is something that is more personal. It is how you put your outfits together. And once you have the clothing part done – accessories make the difference! 

Once you have a set of accessories, you won’t need to buy more (unless you really want to!). Before you start buying pieces separately, it is a good idea to head to somewhere like Paisley Grace Boutique and see what matching sets and other items you can get in one go. 

Having things that already match will take the effort out of dressing and means you’ll always have something ready to go.


Everyone should have at least one pair of sunglasses! They are great for elevating an outfit even if it isn’t exactly sunny outside! Although avoid wearing them in the rain or inside! 

Always choose sunglasses that offer UV protection, as they will help to minimize the wrinkles around the eye and protect the area in general. 

Try bright frames for something with a little bit of personality. 


Rings are so much fun, and in the last few years, a lot of the hard work of mix and match has been taken out of it. You can buy sets of rings that are all similar in style but different sizes and colors. So ring stacking and wearing lots of rings has never been easier. 

If costume jewelry and cheaper metal ring stacks aren’t your things – a diamond ring will always be a classic! 

Rings are one of the most versatile accessories and can either be a bold statement or a delicate touch, depending on what you want them to say. 


From thick bold perspex words, the ultra-thin lightweight gold chains with teardrop diamond – necklaces are incredibly personal. A plain white shirt or a roll-neck jumper will look completely different with the addition of some color or sparkle. 

Necklaces are one of the fastest ways to make a big difference to an outfit. Stacking necklaces is a lot more popular now – typically with around three chains. 

A shorter one closer to the neck, one mid-chest, and something that dangles lower too. The rule of thumb is usually to add a necklace that is the length of the neckline on the top you are wearing – but really, rules are made to be broken. 


There is nothing like a good bag – but it can be one of the hardest things to find. Bags come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, allowing you to experiment with your style. You can even check out to explore the endless options of bags. Whether you’re looking for a casual tote for running errands or a more sophisticated clutch for a night out, bags are a timeless accessory that will always be in style.

A couple of bag styles are the most popular, and that is because they require no real effort. A simple crossbody with zip fastening and an adjustable strap. 

A tote bag with an inside pocket and some form to the body, so it doesn’t go too floppy. A weekend bag is enough to fit a few outfits in and easily will go onto the hand luggage compartment on the plane. 

And a good rucksack is almost irreplaceable! Here is a great list of bag types so you can find the best one for you: Browsing: Bags, Handbags, and Purses


Your whole ear can be adorned with trinkets and treasures now – and many of them don’t require your ears to be pierced either. 

Ear cuffs with gems add some interest and sparkle to the top of the ear. And there are now more modern pieces that wrap around the ear on multiple levels and are a piece of art by themselves. 

Dangling earrings with layers of chains are eye-catching and add texture and dimension, hoops always upgrade an outfit, and small stones look demure and elegant. 

You can match your rings, earrings, and necklaces or change them up. 


A scarf is such a versatile piece of accessory but is often underestimated. Depending on the material of the scarf, it can double as a headscarf, a cute bag accessory, or even cover your shoulders in the sun. 

A couple of different material types are a good idea. Something a little thicker and wider can double as a wrap, while thinner silk can work as head wraps or a scarf. 

Phone case

Your phone case also compliments your outfit! There are now super cute phone cases that have straps like a bag and pockets in the case. Although you should probably pick one or two that you like – an elegant or funky one can spice up any outfit!

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