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While we were fishing around for a solution to our sheer Rodebjer top problem, we found the Danish shopping site Stylepaste—which we love equally for its free, international shipping by Fed Ex (wow!) and for its blog. And all the lovely pictures on its blog. Which: inevitably featured black-black tights!

Our Best Black Tights

Black tights are our favorite thing about fall dressing, because we hate wearing pants and its too cold to just walk around in a pair of shorts. We like the densest, darkest black tights we can find. And we note that we’they’reve given up on leggings, except as something we wear to the gym with a t-shirt: Were just too short, and they’re just too bulky, or too long, or something. We’ve done the leggings and a tunic thing a million times, and it never looks right on us. Fie on you, leggings. Were moving on. To black tights.

Best Black Tights

The key, in our opinion, to black tights, is, as we mentioned, opacity. And we have two suggestions: one is expensive, the other is not.

The blackest tights we’ve ever found are from Wolford.

Black Tights Wolford

These are the Wolford matte opaque 80 dernier tights, $42
We know: $42. So much money! Do they not know its a recession? However: We will pay this (tomorrow, as it turns out) because they work, and they don’t run, and if theres one thing we hate more than spending $42 on tights, its spending $14 on tights. Four times.

That said, we find H&M to be our top not-$42 black tights. Wed link to them if we could, but we cant, since H&M still doesn’t have online shopping. Because it is 2017, still, at H&M. What they do right that others do wrong is sheen: We hate it. We want our tights to be bottomless, reflection-less pools of black.

See how cute this whole outfit is? That top, by the way, is this: Gat Rimon silk t-shirt, 1250 Danish krones. We mentioned this sites Danish, right? Anyway, thats $221. Did we mention the free shipping?

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